About Us

Clay Bass Construction, LLC has been building custom homes and remodels in the Wimberley Valley since 1999.  Our many years of hands-on experience has provided us with the knowledge and expertise you deserve in a custom home.  We have a wide range of size and style that we can provide, from small cost efficient homes, to large extravagant homes, from farmhouse to modern and everything in between. 

Clay Bass, Owner

Clay has over 25 years of hands-on experience in the home building industry.  He worked and managed framing crews for a number of years prior to building custom homes.  Clay has also worked side-by-side architects in the design phase for use of his structural knowledge.  Clay's expert frame knowledge puts him above the rest, especially when it comes to remodels and additions.  

Stephanie Bass, Owner

Stephanie has been working in the home building business for the past 20+ years. She has been the primary for accounting, design and client contact.  Stephanie is hands-on when it comes to  budgeting and product selections.  

Our Team